Jairus Miller - Electronic Music Producer and Remixer
Jairus Miller - Producer and Remixer
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"Lightwave" EP to be released by Source of Gravity! -[posted March 2, 2011]-

My three track "Lightwave" EP is set to be released by Source of Gravity Recordings. The release features the tracks "Bending Lightwave", "Pegasus", and "Onderon". Check out the preview on Youtube!

"Tranquil" EP now out! -[posted February 8, 2011]-

My four track "Tranquil" EP has now been released on Tulipa Recordings. The release features two original tracks ("Tranquil" and "Moon Flower"), and remixes from the talented Summer (Brendon Collins) and Veya. This release has recieved support from such noted DJs as Nick Warren, Markus Schulz, Subfractal, Miss Nine, Monaque, and more! Check it out on Beatport, or Soundcloud.

What's been happening lately? -[posted January 22, 2011]-

Ok, so it's been a while since I updated the site. So, here's a recap of some of my releases over the past year or so:

I also had the opportunity to produce the Soundscapes Volume 2 compilation for Source of Gravity. The release featured some classic tracks from the SoG back catalog, as well as some original tracks from me. You can check out some of the positive feedback here.

While I'm in the process of updating my discography page on this site, you can check out my Beatportal discography, or my Discogs discography. Time really has a way of sneaking up on you, right?

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